Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research.

Purchase Printed Syllabus

Tuition includes your course syllabus as a downloadable PDF file. This file may not be shared with others; however, you may print a copy for your own use. If you prefer, you may order a printed syllabus for the course for which you are registered. The cost of the printed 2018 syllabus will be determined after all syllabus materials have been received from the instructors and the number of pages can be calculated. We expect the cost to be determined in early April.

The price below reflects the cost for IGHR 2017 and will be updated when 2018 pricing is available. Once the cost is determined, you will be able to order a printed syllabus. The last day to order a printed syllabus for IGHR 2018 is 23 May 2018. After this date, only a downloadable syllabus will be available via an email link.

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Event Begins 23-Jul-2017
Event Ends 28-Jul-2017
Registration Ends 13-Jul-2017
Price $20.00
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